Answered By: Doreen Rogan
Last Updated: Jun 06, 2018     Views: 10066

If the college is closed due to an emergency or inclement weather during finals week, instructors have several options to consider. 

The first option is to have students submit their assignments through Blackboard or email.  This is the best option when the assignment is an essay or other digital project such as a PowerPoint.  Tests can also be administered through Blackboard using the quiz tool.

The second option is to provide a take-home exam to students that they can turn in through Blackboard or email.  This exam can be different from your typical final exam so that the exam is not compromised for future semesters.  Consider an essay-exam if this is an appropriate option for your content-area, or create a test for students to take in Blackboard.

The third option is to assign grades that students have earned up to this point in the semester (exclude the final exam).

Unfortunately, students cannot drop off assignments in an unattended box or in the adjunct office because this could potentially be a FERPA violation; students may not pick up graded items from an unattended box or office for the same reason.  Staff members cannot accept student assignments on your behalf.  For the fall and spring 15-week semesters, make-up dates are not a possibility; the two week winter session has a snow date built into the academic calendar. 

If you have questions about this, please contact Stefanie Forster to discuss your options.